Your personal wind tunnel


Analyse all aspects of your riding efficiency in minute detail, dial in your perfect position, compare different tyres and measure your drivetrain efficiency. With 6 different analysis modes, you can gain valuable data even without a power meter or perfect testing conditions. BikeMetrix enables accurate testing even when conditions are not ideal, and has a number of innovative features that means you can quickly get to the heart of the matter - how to minimise power losses and ride faster. Works with all forms of Human Powered Transport - standard bikes, recumbents, trikes and velomobiles.

BikeMetrix is based on a highly accurate analysis and prediction engine that models every aspect of riding, right down to the density of the air you are pushing through.

Virtual Time Analysis

Perform real time analysis on a recorded ride, plotting a predicted time for a given set of parameters against the actual time ridden. Chop out sections with bad data, braking or uneven wind with a few clicks of the mouse, and quickly get to the metrics that matter. Perfect for analysis of longer rides or coast downs where you want a real life figure that can be applied to real life roads.

Virtual Elevation Analysis

Use Dr Robert Chung's Virtual Elevation analysis methodology to tease out the smallest changes in aerodynamic drag. Easily remove bad data, braking or laps spoiled by traffic with a few clicks of the mouse. Perfect for dialing in the the most accurate metrics and comparing very small changes to your overall setup.

Coast Down Analysis

If you don't have a power meter, you can still dial in accurate figures for your overall aerodynamic drag and tyres' rolling resistance using coast down analysis. Perfect for getting started if you don't have a power meter.

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Plan your perfect event - whether it's a time trial, sportive or KOM assault


Create race plans based on your optimised configurations, and export them to your Garmin for use on the road.

Utilise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses to get to your fastest possible time - whether you are a VO2 Max beast or a diesel powered tempo rider. BikeMetrix can optimise your plans to ensure you utilise your time in zones to your greatest advantage.

Unlimited Profile Customisation

Set up multiple configurations for different event types - easily configure your bike setup, overall weight and aerodynamic properties.

Optimise your rider profile

Want a full on KOM attack utilising your VO2 Max superpower? No problem. Want to plan your next Paris-Brest-Paris and never go above zone 2? Can do. Set up riders with different physiological constraints to tweak the produced power profiles exactly to your needs.

Train for your event

Once you've produced your perfect race profile, export it as an MRC or ERG file and train for it on your indoor trainer, or load it into your Garmin and ride it on the road.

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