BikeMetrix Features


Workouts Editor

The workouts editor gives you a fully featured editor and categorisation system for both workouts and reusable workout templates.

Workouts screen shot 1

Workouts are created from segments, that you drag onto the editor pane from the tool bar at the top. There are 4 segment types.

Single Segment

A simple segment with duration and power target: Workouts single segment screen shot

Interval Segment

A segment to set up a number of intervals with power targets for interval and recovery, as well as durations and repeats: Workouts interval segment screen shot

Ramp Segments

A segment to gradually ramp power up or down. This can be done in steps: Workouts stepped ramp segment screen shot

Or as a continuous ramp: Workouts continuous ramp segment screen shot

Workout Templates

You can create reusable templates for use in your workouts. These can be dragged into your workouts and customised as needed. Workout templates screen shot


Lastly, you can export your workouts as MRC, ERG or ZWO files to use in third party apps such as Zwift.