Race Planning


The Planning Screen is where you plan your perfect race, event, TT or KOM attack.

You can customise the produced power profile for any route through the use of the Time in Zones numbers stored against a particular rider. Before planning a race, TT or KOM, make sure you set your time in zones correctly for the type of ride you want to do:

You can create as many Ride Configurations, Bikes and Riders as you want, and each Rider has its own set of time in zones. This allows you to create Ride Configurations to suit any particular purpose. For example, you can set your Time in Zones to maximise your Threshold Power and VO2 Max capability for an attack on a 15 Minute KOM, or you could configure a sportive rider that utilises lots of Sweet Spot power but doesn't put you over your Threshold Power too often. You can even set up profiles that never allow you out of zone 1 or 2, for example to perform analysis on how long a particular configuration might take you to complete Paris-Brest-Paris.

BikeMetrix supports 3 different planning modes:

The optimal power profile is the one that gets you to the finish line fastest, without violating your Time in Zones. This means that setting unrealistically high target power values will not result in faster times - BikeMetrix always tries to obey your Time in Zones. This is how it is possible to produce such varied power profiles, and maximise your strenths whilst minimising your limiters.

If your route includes extremely steep hills, you may find the power profiles generated include some very high efforts. This is because your power profile automatically adjusts to ensure you don't go below your minimum speed. So if you're riding 20% inclines, don't set the minimum speed too high if you don't want BikeMetrix to put you dramatically into the red! Minimum speed requirements override your Time in Zones.

Once you've created your race plan, you can export it to your Garmin or GPX compatible device to ride on the road, or you can export it as a custom Zwift workout to train indoors. Finally, you can create MRC and ERG files for use in other indoor trainer apps if they support this format. So it is possible to train for your event in advance using the actual power targets you will be hitting on the day, from the comfort of your indoor pain cave. Alternatively, you can go out and ride the actual route and get the power targets on your Garmin.