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17th March 2022 - BikeMetrix v1.1.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of BikeMetrix 1.1.3. Full integration with Garmin Connect IQ for BikeMetrix Power Target Data Fields is now complete! The 1.1.X releases contain:

  • Addition of a Route Editor and integration of Routes into the Planning screen
  • Major UI overhaul - most configuration and analysis data is now stored, displayed and edited via integrated lists on each screen instead of importing and exporting external files. This gives a much more integrated user experience and makes management of all your data much simpler
  • Now in 1.1.3 - full integration with Garmin Data Fields to give you real time power targets on your Garmin device
  • BikeMetrix data fields are now live on the Garmin Connect IQ Store - instructions on how to install and use them are included in the help files once you've installed BikeMetrix.

The new release is available via the download page.