Help and FAQ


Below you can find information on getting started with BikeMetrix, and view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Getting Started

If you have any questions, you can get in touch on the Contact Page.


Free Trial

When you first register your copy of BikeMetrix, you will begin a free trial period. You can try out all the functionality in a completely unrestricted version. Your free trial will last for 2 weeks.

How do I licence my copy of BikeMetrix?

When your free trial expires, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription. Alternatively you can purchase a subscription at any time prior to this on the Buy page. When you purchase a subscription, you will be asked for an email address on the payment page. Make sure you use the same email address as you used to register to ensure your account synchronises automatically. If you use a different email address, a new account will be generated for you and the details emailed to you.

Your subscription pays for a one user license to use the software.

How do I use TCX race plans on my Garmin?

If your Garmin unit supports TCX courses, export your race plan as a TCX file. Plug your Garmin into your PC, and copy the TCX file to the 'NewFiles' directory on your Garmin. Safely eject your Garmin and unplug. You should then be able to select the race plan as a course to ride using the menu options on your Garmin.

How do I use GPX race plans on my Head Unit?

GPX race plans are provided for those that cannot use TCX plans. The specifics of how to load and use a GPX file varies from unit to unit. In general, you should set up your unit to notify on waypoints or provide some cue as to the name of the next waypoint and when it occurs. BikeMetrix will create the route with power targets set as waypoint names.

Is my XXXXX brand head unit supported?

Other than Garmin specific TCX files and generic GPX files, other formats are not yet supported. BikeMetrix is a brand new product and the roadmap will include new functionality as dictated by demand from users.

How do I calculate accurate air density figures?

The Calculator screen allows you to easily calculate very accurate air density figures from measurements that are commonly available on most local weather sites. You should take the time to do this for all your analyses and race plans as air density can have a significant impact on your times. If you don't measure air density accurately during analysis, your calculated CdA could be out by quite a wide error margin.

Are there plans for a iOS version?

There are currently no plans for an iOS version. If there is sufficient demand then this may be considered in the future.

Are there plans for a web version?

There are currently no plans for a web version. BikeMetrix was designed specifically around the real time feedback features for dialling in your aero analysis, which is best done using a PC hosted app rather than a browser. If there is sufficient demand then a web version may be considered in the future.