Garmin Real Time Data Fields are now live!

Real time Power Target data fields are now available on the Garmin Connect IQ App Store. Full details on how to install and use these Data Fields are included in the BikeMetrix help screens.


Take control of your cycling aerodynamics with reliable, hard data

With 6 different aerodynamic analysis modes, you can gain valuable data even without a power meter or perfect testing conditions. BikeMetrix enables accurate testing even when conditions are not ideal, and has a number of innovative features that means you can quickly get to the heart of the matter - how to minimise power losses and ride faster. Works with all forms of Human Powered Transport - standard bikes, recumbents, trikes and velomobiles.

BikeMetrix is based on a highly accurate analysis and prediction engine that models every aspect of riding, right down to the density of the air you are pushing through.

Use the race planner to plan your perfect Time Trial

BikeMetrix can help you achieve your fastest possible TT time. You can endlessly customise the generated power plans to suit your own unique physiological talents, and let BikeMetrix take care of the pacing for the fastest, most optimised possible race. Get real-time notifications on your Garmin device. All you need to do is put out the power, BikeMetrix will pace you to your best times.

Create 'E-doped' ride files based on actual ride data

The BikeMetrix E-Doper module reveals exactly how much faster you could be for a particular increase in power, and shows using real ride conditions where the power increase counts the most. Use this to train harder in the areas where you get most speed gain for your watts, and elevate your training to the next level.

Aerodynamic Analysis

With 6 analysis modes, there is something for everyone. Tease out the smallest changes in aerodynamic drag using Dr. Robert Chung's extremely accurate 'Virtual Elevation' testing mode. Get more generalised figures based on complete rides or ride segments using the BikeMetrix-specific 'Virtual Time' mode. Do coast down analysis or A/B testing. Chop out bits of a ride with bad data with a few clicks of the mouse. BikeMetrix was designed specifically to enable quality testing in less than perfect conditions. You don't need a perfect, windless half-pipe to get good data.

Race Planner

Let BikeMetrix work out your fastest possible time for any terrain, and any given set of physiological parameters. Quickly switch between different bike configurations and immediately see the time difference. You might be surprised at how big (or small) a difference can be! Perform what-if analysis on long brevet routes such as Paris-Brest-Paris to get accurate numbers on your finishing time for a sustainable, multi-day wattage. BikeMetrix will help you achieve your fastest times without blowing up on the day.


How fast would you be if you were 10% stronger? Where does that extra power make the most difference? How much time do you actually save by adding 100 watts when travelling at 30 mph? What about when climbing a 25% gradient? Answer all these questions and inform your training with accurate, modeled doped rides that you can export and analyse in other tools.

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